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Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership Inc. was established to meet the needs of donors interested in funding philanthropic projects in China. As China continues its global economic growth and as Chinese communities in the United States continue to expand, we are uniquely positioned to meet the philanthropic needs of both individual and corporate donors.

We serve individuals and families in the United States who love the communities where they live now as well as the communities in China, where they came from or have cultural and heritage ties. We also help multinational corporations and foundations to fulfill their philanthropic goals in China - where they are doing business and taking social responsibility.

This organization bridges the geographic, cultural and language gaps to build global philanthropic partnerships. Our logo means "hand in hand we lift people".

We conduct our philanthropic business as the following:
- Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership Inc.
- Chinese Philanthropy International
- Giving China Foundation

Chinese Philanthropy Global Partnership Inc. is an IRS approved (501)(C)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 2006 in the United States. We are well connected with Chinese communities nationwide in the US, accountable charitable organizations in China and, leading international philanthropic organizations.

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